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Learn. Trade. Get paid.

We strive to be the best at financial education

Delivered in a professional, informative and friendly manner by industry experts with real-world experience, our school is specifically designed to teach you how to invest and trade.

Dedicated to your success

 At Financio we are dedicated to our students success. We strive to deliver the very best education by having only the best instructors, offering a wide range of courses covering all major areas of finance and investing. 

All you need to know

Our mission is to teach you everything you need to know about investing and trading, while making sure that you understand risks involved with working in the financial services industry. 

How to generate income

We will teach you how to analyze stocks and find the hidden gems that make you money. We will show you how to generate income from a variety of strategies, and most importantly, help you avoid the massive losses that most people suffer on the stock market.

What our students say about us

 Our finance school has employed the best instructors, and all of our students have enjoyed the course. Here are a few of their testimonials.

Ray Hope

 I recently completed all the courses and I had a great experience. The instructors are very knowledgeable and always made extra time when needed to explain things.

Liam Stoll

The courses helped me tremendously in the financial world. The program helped me get a solid foundation on accounting, investing and trading.

Oliver Adler

I've been actively searching for a job and the help I've received from this school has been great. The instructors are very helpful and responsive. They always reply to questions quickly and with very detailed answers.

Amelia Cassidy

My instructor was not just passionate about sharing his wealth of knowledge regarding the subject matter but was out to share a fun experience as well. The fellow students also shared a lot of good advice too.

Your partner for success

Loved by finance enthusiasts, professionals, students and teachers alike, our online courses and instructors are the best of the best. Be part of our community starting today!
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