Nov 27th, 2017

Chainsaw Reviews Adam Alter’s Irresistible

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The Internet can be addictive—by both design and its very nature. Adam Alter parses out some of the ways that our brave new online world has become "Irresistible."

Jun 3rd, 2016

Is Growth Hacking a Real Thing?

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Is “growth hacking” just jargon, or a real marketing strategy that you need to learn? Both! That’s why this blog post goes beyond the social media buzzword and outlines what this innovative tactic involves, and offers hints on how you can implement it in order to grow your own business.

Jan 22nd, 2015

Social Media Marketing in Latin America

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Latin America is the biggest, most heavily saturated, and fastest growing social media market in the world. What are some ways for you, a struggling social media guru who barely passed high school Spanish, to get in on the party?