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Choosing the right words has been Mollie's mission for most of her life. She has spent the last ten years writing for technical publications, magazines, websites, and literary journals.
Jul 18th, 2016

Procrastination: We’ll Talk About It Later

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Procrastination. Is it laziness, or genius at work? Chainsaw breaks down the good and the bad behind one of the world’s oldest behaviors.

Jun 20th, 2016

Mentorship: Reach Out and Touch Someone’s Professional Development

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Will a having a mentor help you further your professional career? What about being a mentor? All signs point to yes for both, and Chainsaw tells you why.

Jun 8th, 2016

Five Awesome Design Sites for Stoking Your Creative Fire

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Everyone needs a little inspiration now and then. This quick listicle gives you five websites you should be visiting when your creative juices have run dry.

May 18th, 2016

The Contagious Nature of Body Language

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Many of us feel confident reading the body language of others, but how much are we paying attention to our own non-verbal message? Chainsaw breaks down the dos and don'ts of body language, so you are always having the right conversation.

Nov 16th, 2015

Rocking the Virtual Meeting

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More people are working from home than ever before, which is great for productivity, not so much for collaboration. Tweak your strategy to master the art of remote teamwork.