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Driven by data. Fueled by design.

Conventional wisdom is wrong.

It doesn’t always come down to the numbers.

Your customers aren’t buying based on spreadsheets and infographics. They are buying based on confidence. That’s a connection that can’t be made with data alone. Chainsaw will help you find your story, both the successes and the failures. The lessons that give you authority and transparency. Show potential clients the hard data, then let us help explain why it matters.


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Chainsaw Reviews Adam Alter’s Irresistible

The Internet can be addictive—by both design and its very nature. Adam Alter parses out some of the ways that our brave new online world has become "Irresistible."

Making Major Organizational Changes

Implementing organizational change can be hard on everyone—workers, clients, and management alike. Don't shy away from much-needed corporate transformation, however! There are ways to keep everyone calm, and carry on.

The Easy Way to Learn Lie Detection

Lie to Me is an entertaining introduction to deceptive microexpressions and body language, as well as the work of Dr. Paul Ekman

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